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Damage Insurance Company
Do business with professionals!


As a general insurance broker, we provide outstanding wholesale service. More than 30 years of experience with specialized risks allows us to offer you the very best counsel and the benefit of our extensive knowledge. In addition to our wide range of services, we offer a professional approach and service based on integrity. We work with the latest insurance industry technologies.


Our skills and expertise ensure that working us is the best way to meet your customers’ needs.


Pistagnesi Doyon specializes in hard-to-place risks with frequent claims and risk sharing. We also offer regular risk coverage. All our markets are authorized in Canada, and we are covered by errors and omissions insurance. The various agreements we have with major insurers allow us to offer diversified service.

BI&I 418-681-7857 | Chubb 514-938-4000 | Lloyd’s 514-861-8361

Souveraine 514-395-8100 | Travelers 514-875-0600

These services are only accessible through insurance brokers

Pistagnesi Doyon - Underwriting Agency  specializing in hard-to-place risks, frequent claims and risk sharing.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other type of risk not listed here. We are open to other suggestions or programs.


Services Offered:​

Our areas of expertise in property:


  • Hospitality (restaurants, bars, breweries, hotels, motels, inns, reception halls, etc.)

  • Vacant buildings

  • Construction sites (new constructions and renovations)

  • Retail stores

  • Commercial and industrial properties

  • Residential properties (real estate owners, condominium associations, rooming houses)

  • Woodworking (cabinetry, cabinet manufacturers, etc.)

Distinct products:

  • Equipment breakdowns

  • Cyber protection 

  • Legal protection 

  • High-value residences

Our areas of expertise in liability: 

  • All types of entrepreneurs

  • Forestry contractors

  • Start-up businesses

  • Manufacturing and distribution in the pharmaceutical sector

  • Manufacturing and distribution including sales in the United States

  • Industrial mechanics, mobile welders with manufacturing/design Retailers

  • Safety program

  • Umbrella or excess liability

Distinct products:

  • Special events

  • Errors and omissions (E&O) (tattoo artists, beauty salons, consultants, media, IT)

  • D&O for nonprofit and private organizations

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